Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Instagram is probably one of the scariest tools for teachers to consider using in their classrooms because of all of the security risks involved, but I encourage teachers to not shy away from it. I think that if we can teach students to use Instagram safely and respectfully, we will not only be enhancing their experiences in the classroom and curriculum, but hopefully outside of the classroom and privately as well. The way to deal with safety issues is not to pretend as though they don't exist, but rather to teach and prepare our students so that they know how to respond when these issues do come up.

I have linked below several websites that I have found that really explain to students and parents about how to be safe on Instagram. Of course these lists are not the end, but they provide a great place to begin when teaching students to be safe online regarding what they say and what they post. If you are hesitant to implement any social media in your classroom for fear safety, my advice to you is to read these tips and use social media. Teach your students to be prepared. Just because you choose not to expose them to these things, doesn't mean they will never be exposed to them. By exposing them you can teach students to be prepared and teach them to be safe! 

Instagram Page Tips

Kids and Instagram

5 Insta Tips

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