Tuesday, July 22, 2014



What is it:
Instagram is a social networking site that allows you to upload images and videos to share with your “followers” or friends. Although the site is limited to uploading pictures and video only, some users have found a way around this by uploading screenshots from notes they have typed on their phone or other device. Once the pictures are uploaded “followers” can like or comment on the images posted. The downside to this is that in order to use this application, you would need to have an email address which most students in the elementary level would not have access to.
One of the perks to using Instagram is that accounts can be set to private so that only people you approve can see the images you’ve uploaded. You can also turn the picture locator off so that your location is not posted. Applications can be downloaded to enhance picture quality or to create a collage of multiple pictures or images.  

What to do with it:

I think this would be a fun tool to use in small groups when discussing novels and characters. The students could “create” an account with a character of their choice from the novel they are reading and find or create images to show their understanding of the reading. They could use images to depict character traits within a particular chapter, a cultural norm they discovered, or something they found out about the family of the character. It would be interesting to see how the students represent their characters life through the use of images and symbols. You can also have the other students in the novel group comment on the pictures based on what they have read and their perspective of the character. As a novel group they can create videos to show an event that occurs in the novel to upload to their Instagram page as well. 

The link to the sample page and comments I have created is: Kyo's Instagram

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  1. Thank you for sharing Instagram Brooke. I have heard people talking about this so much over the past year but I have never used it. I think that your idea of using it in the context of a novel is novel. Due to some thinks that I heard exist on peoples' accounts, I think that I will stay away from this one, particularly at the high school level.

  2. I have some teachers at my school who have used Instagram to post their homework because so many of the kids actually use their phones (and not their agenda books...who would've thought?)

    I love your idea of using Instagram to teach a novel! It reminds me of a Webinar I listened to where the instructor used Twitter to have students tweet as a different character in Hamlet.

    Thanks for sharing!